Trust in the space

The space between us

A team is made of space Holocaust survivor and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl writes, from out of the depths of his experience in the concentration camps: “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In
see saw

The See Saw of Resilience

A Short piece written by one of our team – Serena McCarthy   Do you remember playing on a see saw as a child? Bouncing up, and landing with a thud.


What is the best model for resilience?  Sometimes we think of a resilient person as like the preverbal brick wall.  Nothing seems to phase them.  They just keep going and going. 
Long Jump Appreciation Society

Long Jump Appreciation Society

Written for Hunmoco by Edward Lane For this blog you will need a tape measure, floor space and a tolerance for thinly veiled analogies. My wife and I don’t keep up
Tea Cup

The Little Things

Making the tea in the office is not everyones cup of tea . . .oh dear that sentence didn’t go well at all, but I think you understand what I mean.